Blake A.

Blake Toumy

15-plus years of experience as a licensed Professional Engineer, his experience in the Construction industry includes specific Expertise in the field of Civil/Structural Engineering design, analysis, and investigation. At Madsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc. (MKA), he is the Regional Manager of our Tampa, Florida location. Besides the oversight of our operations in the Tampa area, Mr. Tuomy provides services in our Property Loss and Construction Defect business practice areas. He…

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Paul J.

Paul J. Castellano

15-plus years of experience in Electrical Engineering design, evaluation, management, and forensic analysis. Mr. Castellano is a licensed Professional Engineer and has extensive experience throughout his career in design, development, manufacturing, and testing of products and systems in the Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Controls, and Media Server industries He is a Resource Lead at Madsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc. (MKA) for the Fire & Electrical Forensics and Mechanical, Electrical &…

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Terence P.

Terence Skee

30-plus years of experience in forensic processes related to building damage and liability issues. Mr. Skee is an Architect and a licensed General Contractor in Florida that is involved in a broad range of projects from preparing repair scopes for damage to isolating causes of damage. He is a Resource Lead at Madsen, Kneppers & Associates, Inc. (MKA) for the Building Science and Architecture aspects of our services. As a…

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