Surety Sector

MKA Canada’s professional team is experienced in Surety Bond assessments, analyzing risk, verifying obligations and limiting exposure. We are able to assist in all Phases of Surety claims, from Pre-Intervention through to matters in Litigation.

Pre - Intervention and Early Exposure Analysis

In advance of Intervention, MKA assesses the project schedule and budget for accuracy, the as-built progression of the project work, the status of project costs to the bid, and change order / changed condition audits. We provide an assessment of the complexity of the remaining workscope and assist the Principal and Obligee in assessing remediation strategies.


MKA have a proven track record of strong negotiation skills. MKA can assist in resolving default claims, potentially allowing the Principal to meet its obligations. MKA can additionally offer continued participation and project management assistance to the Principal.

Construction Phase

In the event a claim is formalized, MKA assists with termination claim verification, exposure analysis, project status audits, contractor or subcontractor procurement, bid preparation, schedule integration, materials procurement, proactive project management solutions and project risk identification through to close out.

Legal Support

In litigated Surety claims, we are skilled in the rapid organization, management and analysis of document databases, assisting Legal Counsel in establishing the facts around default terminations.

Our experts assess all aspects of construction project management, project cost and project schedules, compiling and assessing claims relating to delay, suspension, lost productivity, increased costs of completion.