Infrared Thermal Imaging



    Infrared Thermal Imaging is a tried and true means of data acquisition and analysis in many fields of expertise and has recently expanded into the Building Sciences industry for risk assessment and failure analysis.

MKA offers this new technology using Documented Practices and Procedures to pinpoint and expose the damaging effects of many building issues without the need for expansive and costly destructive testing methods.  Thermal imaging allows us to complete fast and accurate data acquisition and analysis by utilizing non-invasive techniques.

All of our Thermographers are trained and certified to Level I standards which are defined by Infrared Training Centre of Canada.   We provide Infrared services in Construction Defect and Property Loss.

Infrared Thermal Imaging
• Provides a cost efficient way of obtaining data for analysis
• Minimizes the need for a broad spectrum of destructive testing
• Can be utilized on most building components, structural, roof systems,         mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, etc.
• Identifies, maps and provides a documented record of findings
• Allows for more accurate decision making

Remediation Monitoring Services
• Document a visual record of both pre-existing and post-repair conditions
• Define and verify construction practices, product compliance and contractor
• Verify and document the repaired status of buildings and components after
   work has been completed

  Primary Contact
Barry Milliner, PMP, PQS, AssocRICS